Forms and Fees

Form Fee
Waiver Form N/A
Waiver Forms are kept by the Team Captain, make sure you’ve signed one at the start of the season before getting on a boat. A new waiver needs to be filled in at the start of each year.
Photo Waiver Form N/A
Photo Waiver Forms are kept by the Team Captain, a photo waiver should be filled in the first year you join the club.
LBDCI Membership Form $160 or $180 cheque or eTransfer to LDBC Treasurer
The London Dragon Boat Club membership form is only available online. The membership fee is $160 for new members or returning members if paid before March 31st. $180 for returning members who pay after March 31st.
FCA Swipe Card $119.05 to FYC
The cost of the Fanshawe Conservation Authority Swipe Card that lets you into the park has gone up to $119.05. This can now be purchased online.

Note that these passes are good for all UTRCA properties.

Gate Key $20 deposit
If you want a key to the gate at the FYC there is a $20 refundable deposit required. Generally, the gate is open before and after practice so this is not required. If someone steals a boat during the summer the gate will be kept locked and it’s more convenient to have your own key.
Dragon Boat Canada $28.25
The Dragon Boat Canada fee is $25 plus HST.

Waves & Blades – include this with LDBC members fees.

Pendragons – discuss with team captain, fee will be submitted to partnership membership chair.

Juniors – discuss with your coach, fee will be submitted with TRPC partnership fees.

Festival Fees varies
Each festival will have a registration fee, for most festivals this will be approximately $40. For multi-day festivals and nationals this will be more.
Other (eg. Coaching Fees)
Discuss with your team captain if there are additional fees for your team.
Volunteer Opt-Out Fee $100 (optional) to LDBC Treasurer.
Each year members are expected to do at least 8 hours of volunteer work at such events as FYC clean-up days, LDBC clean-up days, boat launch day, boat removal day and boat repair/maintenance days. There is an optional fee to opt-out of participating in any of the volunteer efforts.