Early in 2006, a group of London dragon boat enthusiasts came together with a goal to create a Dragon Boat Club that would allow several teams to come together to share resources and have fun! Some of the goals of the newly formed club were:

  • to promote the physical, social and emotional benefits of dragon boating;
  • to provide safe training and opportunities for paddlers to increase their skills;
  • and, to build relationships in the community and with other paddling clubs.

The club selected the Fanshawe Yacht Club location on Fanshawe Lake as its choice of practice venue. This venues offers many benefits and provides an ideal location for training, socializing and building relationships.

The club was originally incorporated as the Wonderland Dragon Boat Club but in order to be better identified with our hometown when we travelled and met other teams, we changed the name to London Dragon Boat Club.

We now have over 90 members, 4 permanent teams, 3 dragon boats and we just keep growing.

Some Quotes from our Members

“I joined the dragon boat life in 2002 after my Mom passed away. She and I were very close and I needed something to distract me from my loss. I was looking for a ‘soft’ sport at the time due to age and physical condition, and I was looking for a social outlet. I paddled with one team until 2006, I left to form the LDBCI with 6 friends and the rest is history.” -BP

“There is nothing like being out on the water, in the sunshine, with friends, getting a little exercise. I have sincerely enjoyed my three years with London Dragon Boat Club. Our coaches are dedicated and skilled and bring people along at a pace that matches their capabilities. The club allows for various levels of commitment from seriously competitive to recreational. I felt welcomed as a new member and now, as an oldie, I try to make sure others feel welcome as well. It has been a great place to meet new people and find new friends.”-MP