Registration Form and Information

Registration Form and Information

Registration Information

London Dragon Boat Club Inc. – Membership Information 2023

All members of the LDBCI will need to read, and complete this form (including volunteers, coaches and sterns).

BEFORE you may participate in ANY activities or gain access to the dragon boat, the following must have occurred:

  1. Completed and submitted Registration Form
  2. Full payment of fees

Team Fees Breakdown

Fanshaw Yacht Club (FYC) Fees

  • $133 ($117.70 + HST) mandatory FYC membership fee paid by ALL LBDCI members including:  Paddlers, Coaches, Sterns, and Volunteers

Optional FYC Fees

  • $67.80 ($60 + HST) optional fee to launch person hand powered boat from FYC docks
  • $13.56 ($12 + HST) optional fee to store personal boat at FYC
  • $20.00 optional fee to have a compound key to access FYC

Please note if you are caught launching your boat without paying the launch fee, you will be billed the additional fees.  If fees are not paid your LDBCI and FYC membership may be suspended and/or revoked.

London Dragon Boat Club Fees

$135 per Adult Paddler

$70 per Youth Paddler (Anyone either under the age of 19 as of December 31, 2022 or enrolled full time in a post-secondary institution).

$10 Associate Member – Coach, Stern and Volunteer.

$35 Auxiliary Member – Paddler from another team that has already paid FYC fees wishing to paddle on a LDBCI team (Non-Voting Member).

Team Descriptions

Waves of Fury

Is the recreational team with a main goal to have FUN, learn solid dragon boat skills, and get some physical fitness. It is a great way to start in the dragon boat sport, and a wonderful place to make friends. This group also plans off water activities to foster a strong community spirit. Practices are Monday & Wednesday nights with an optional Saturday practice. The Saturday practice will be at a faster pace as it is a combined practice with the London Blades. There are no minimum practice requirements, but you will get out of it what you put into it. This team is not intended to be a festival team, however this will be discussed more once the season begins.

The London Blades

This is our Intermediate team and members of the Blades enjoy competing in local festivals. In the past they have participated in the Fanshawe, Hamilton, Woodstock, Stratford and Christie Lake festivals.  Festival fees vary and will be discussed at the team level once the season begins.  If you are not interested in competing at festivals, we would ask that you please consider registering with the Waves recreational team.  The Blades set a faster pace at practices and races and they will push your physicality and cardio.  Although they do take new paddlers anytime, they would prefer that non-experienced paddlers start with them before June.  Their goal is to continually improve and place well at regional festivals.  Practice times are Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  While the team requests that you attend at least 2 of the 3 practices a week, attending all three will make you and the team stronger, building strength, timing and endurance.


This team is our elite competitive team.  If you truly have competitive drive, determination and are willing to work hard the Pendragons will welcome you to the team at any time.  This team trains along side of Rowbust (9-time National Club Crew Champions, as well as 3-time Club Crew World Champions in the Breast Cancer Division) on Tuesday & Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.  When the Coach asked the team what they wanted their goal to be, the team responded by saying “We want to WIN!”  Through commitment on and off the water they compete regionally, seeking the gold in A Division every race.  In 2019, Pendragon entered 2 teams (Senior B Mixed and Senior B Women’s) into the Canadian Club Crew in Regina.  They are in BUILDING MODE, trying to find as many new paddlers, with an athletic mindset, who want to be part of an amazing team sport!   When the race plan comes together, the speed and precision in this boat is truly exhilarating and one you will come to love!

Fanshaw Yacht Club Facilities

Fanshawe Yacht Club

London Dragon Boat Club Inc.  leases access to the Fanshawe Yacht Club compound and their shoreline/dock area.   2023 FYC rules:

  1. FYC has a locked compound to ensure the safety and security of the premises and the contents therein.    Every member will purchase a key to the compound, if you already have a key FYC will exchange it for the new key. When LDBCI Members enter, you will unlock the gate and then re-lock it once you are through.
  2. Paddlers are to only use McKenzie Hall (main meeting hall) for the washroom facilities.  Personal items (paddle bag, extra clothes, shoes etc.) are to remain in cars.  Teams are to congregate outside.  McKenzie Hall may be booked for snack nights or meetings by contacting FYC.
  3. There are designated/signed FYC parking outside of McKenzie Hall – London Dragon Boat Paddlers are NOT allowed to park in these at any time.
  4. As part of our agreement with FYC, London Dragon Boat Club Members must agree to assist with Spring Clean-up/Set-up ( April TBD) and Fall Tear Down (September or Oct TBD).  This work is usually scheduled on a Saturday. You do not have to commit for the full day, just a couple of hours at least.  Dress for the weather and be ready to get a bit dirty.
  5. This year FYC is offering anyone who has a hand powered boat (Kayak, Canoe, Outrigger Canoe etc.) the ability to launch from their dock/compound. The fee to have this privilege is an additional $67.80 per person. If you wish to store your boat inside the compound it is an addition $13.56 per boat. Please note if you are caught launching your boat without paying the toped-up fee, you will be billed the additional fees. If fees are not paid your LDBCI and FYC membership may be suspended and/or revoked.



I am aware that during festivals and other events for London Dragon Boat Club that there will be photographs taken of the participants in individual and group pictures. I am aware that these photographs may be posted to a website. The pictures may also be used for the purpose of illustrating the activities of London Dragon Boat Club Inc. Pictures posted to the website are considered the property of London Dragon Boat Club Inc and may not be sold or reused without the express consent of London Dragon Boat Club Inc. Parents who have special concerns or requirements regarding photography of their child(ren) agree to contact London Dragon Boat Club Board Members in advance of the festivals and events to resolve any issues regarding the use of their child’s photographs or photography. Participants with special concerns regarding the use of their individual photograph(s) / picture(s) are responsible to ensure London Dragon Boat Club Board Members are aware of their concerns.


  1. In consideration for receiving permission to participate in the London Dragon Boat Club, as well as to join the practice sessions and to enter the premises, waterways and grounds supervised or in any way controlled by that organization or by the London Dragon Boat Club, the receipt of said permission being hereby acknowledged, I do hereby forever RELEASE any and all liability, discharge and agree not to sue the LONDON DRAGON BOAT CLUB INC. (LDBCI) and their respective directors, members, trustees, agents, representatives, officers, sponsors, licensors, servants, volunteers and employees and agree to and save them HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY them from and against any and all Liabilities, claims, injuries, losses, damages, expenses, demands, actions, and causes of action of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or related to any such loss, damage, or injury, including exposure to or infection by COVID-19, death, etc. that may be sustained by me for whatever reason while so participating in the London Dragon Boat Club whether such damages are the result of negligence or for any other reason or cause.
  • I also agree to and discharge forthwith on request of the LDBCI and their respective directors, agents, members, trustees, representatives, officers, sponsors, licensor, servants, volunteers and employees and their authorized representatives each and every obligation or claim which shall be made, assigned or apportioned against the LDBCI and their respective directors, agents, members, trustees, representatives, officers, sponsors, licensors, servants, volunteers and employees by any party by virtue of any injury or damage caused by me or to me absolutely.
  • I and my next-of-kin are duly aware of the risks and hazards inherent in both the sport of paddling and entering the premises used for the purpose of launching, docking and storing equipment used in the sport of paddling, and specifically in participating in the London Dragon Boat Club and the practice sessions and participating in events, knowing conditions may be hazardous and dangerous and that obstructions may exist, and that high winds may cause rough water, and that I voluntarily assume all risks of loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me or to any property while in or upon said
    premises or engaged in said event.
  • I and my next of kin are duly aware that the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and COVID-19 is extremely contagious. LDBCI has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, LDBCI cannot guarantee that I will not become infected with COVID-19. I and my next of kin are duly aware that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 and such exposure may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability or death and voluntarily agree to assume all the foregoing risks.